This kind of bodyweight product made for any people, but Suspension Revolution will be more specific about the use of TRX tool. It's expected users can achieve EPOC and push their effort in building body to the max.

Thus also expect for result to come fast as lean muscle is indeed hard to achieve in first place. And always remember, weight tools are not part of the program.

Surely people want to try new thing, and yes this would have become your favorite blueprint to accommodate a beginner like you via 191 superb exercises.

Now do Suspension Revolution comfortably, and once you are used with straps, definitely it'd be attractive thing to make as training.

Become more flexible and increase strength as well, and it has range to complete your workout plan fully.

So surely Suspension Revolution is similar with bodyweight, but at the same time, it looks definitely different.

Once again, the program comes from a reputable TRX coach, Dan Long, and he got his own gym to train his clients.

Moreover, refer this as something to complete your TRX plan, not to replace it. After all TRX is already good as a training which is used by a lot of athletes.

Plus it can enhance your basic technique for the training itself, plus with unique Kill Mode that can be "activated" right inside the training.